Bobby's Place

89% love it
Something for everyone
Enjoy the video lounge, dance floor, and game room or grab some friends and sing karaoke. The bar is very laid back and has standard drinks and foods that just about everyone enjoys.


    • Bobby's is in Massachusetts, not Rhode Island, 20 miles east of Providence. In New England terms it's a "long drive" away.

    • Boundbear
      Boundbear Over a year ago
      Hates it

      A disappointment - but oh, the possibilities...
      I went to Bobby's with three friends on a designated Bear Night - a Friday, but the crowd was quite small, very mixed icluding a number of straights out "sightseeing" and decidedlyunfriendly. Too bad as the place has tremendous possibilities,; large rooms, though the vintage dvd's incessantly playing overly loudly in the video room often malfunctioned, a fine dance floor featuring a kicky vintage chevy monte carlo, a pool room with good seating and a nice patio for smokers. I realize a bar in a smaller town has to try and cater to all tastes but the "something for anyone" that the bar proudly proclaims seemed, at least on that night translated into nothing for anyone

    • BobbyJoe
      BobbyJoe Over a year ago
      Loves it

      A Little Bit Of Everything
      This is a pretty big club, considering its location. The front is a video lounge, playing a lot of retro videos when I was there. The middle has a couple pool tables. The back is a big dance. There also a large patio witha tiki bar, popular with smokers. The crowd is very mixed, but pretty friendly.