Trinity Brewhouse

100% love it
Popular since 1997
There are plenty of brews on tap and delicious food served at this mixed-crowd destination. This is also a great late-night stop to grab a quick bite to eat.


    • A few things to know: Trinity is in the DOWNCITY part of Providence, not "downtown" which is where the capitol building is. You'll get lost if you ask someone where downtown is. Also Trinity is a great friendly fun brewpub that welcomes everyone but it's not a "gay bar". Also, you'll run into Brown University students here and they tend to be uppity "social justice warriors" so either watch what you say or have fun mocking them. Either is good.

    • Silverback
      Silverback Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Nice beer bar, but NOT a gay bar
      Sorry, but in 2014 when gay people are just plain folks who can marry and everything, a gay-friendly bar should not be on a list of gay businesses. If that were the case, every damn bar in Providence would be on GayCities. As a beer bar where anyone with a valid ID is welcome, Trinity Brewhouse is friendly, welcoming, and well run. The beer selection is good and includes old favorites along with challenging local microbrews. The food menu is superb to enjoy with beer and/or share with friends. And prices are quire reasonable even though the Brewhouse is in Downcity. Should positively be a part of your pub crawl night.

    • plamppost
      plamppost Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Lots of space and fun
      There was an upstairs and downstairs bar, with plenty of space to sit. The Dj and pool table downstairs was really fun!