The Mega-Plex

80% love it
Mega adult fun
At this "mega-sex" facility, there's a gym, large reception, and TV area, dry sauna, group steam room -- even a maze/playroom. Of the myriad private rooms, some come with private showers.


    • petegcjb
      petegcjb 6 months ago
      Loves it

      Hot place to score with hot guys

    • adrian.dark.988
      adrian.dark.988 Over a year ago
      Loves it


    • tomy.m.santiago
      tomy.m.santiago Over a year ago
      Loves it

      24/7 playground
      Tonight at the Mega, event communion get out and come over to confess all your sins

    • Soccercaptain
      Soccercaptain Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Going down hill FAST!
      I hadn't been in a year and was shocked what had been a rather nice place looks like the aftermath of a foreclosure. The carpets were all taken up so now it is just cold clammy cement. The towel racks are falling off the wall. ( do they own a power drill with a screw driver attachment). The rooms are fine although the sheets are so old that the black sheets are now faded gray and the pillows are antique lumpy blobs. All if the bathrooms have one thing or another out of order at all times. Doors seem to be falling off everything and cannot be fixed. It seems the clientele is fed up with the total lack of maintenance , clearly business is way off since they are closing off 50% of it to make it part of the straight club next door. Why has no one else in providence picked up on the incredible opportunity to open a NICE new club ??? Clearly the old crusty STRAIGHT owners of this down trodden dump are oblivious to what gay men expect from an entertainment venue. Here are a few 'highlights' of the sinking ship : The video monitor is busted so it only shows pornd in black and white, the soap dispensers are busted , so guys have had to remove the tops so you have to stick your hand into the tank, several machines leak water from the ceilings so there are puddles in random places everywhere , they took out the hot water tap ( for tea bags and coffee ) thrn stuck a dead plastic plant in the sink! They are so cheap that they stopped having bowls of mints. They closed off a few rooms and rather than lock them, they have the doors covered in duct tape like murder just took place ! The railing at the entry area rusted pry and fell off, so yup you guessed it, more crime scene tape ( and this is the FIRST thing you see when you walk toward the door ! Apparently there has been so much vandalism to cars that they closed off thier lot AND dropped their security guard ( how does that make sense?). The entry area is littered with rakes, shovels , cleaning carts , bags of sand etc! What should be the best thing, the entry area, looks like the underside of a storage shed. I give up. I cannot even think of ALL the beat up decayed trash , it's iverwhelming. I guess the thing to do is hope the other club is better, it just make the trek up to Montreal - where everyone says it's amazing. Sux Boston does not have a club. 8(

    • Silverback
      Silverback Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Good enough but deserves some improvement
      On the up side, the staff are friendly and welcoming, and the fees are reasonable. There's plenty of off-street parking. Daily themes are fun. Towels and sheets are clean and smell washed. There's plenty of space (perhaps even too much) to wander and meet men. You can get a room with its own shower. I like the cockring-sized glory holes, I can just fit my meat through but then I'm trapped (in a good way) until someone makes me cum. And you can always get a fresh cup of coffee from their Keurig machine. On the down side, A lot could be done to step up from "just acceptable" to "good". It was raining when I visited and the foyer ceiling leaked. There was no hot water in the showers. There were 4 bathrooms, two were locked and not in service, one had no lights and the toilets had overflowed poopy water onto the floor. Cold tile and concrete floors were clammy and slippery with condensation. Duct tape across out-of-service rooms made it look like a crime scene. Years ago there was a small weight room but it's gone now. Someone had pissed on the floor in one of the glory hole alcoves. There are a lot of ways the space could be improved at minor expense and the Mega-Plex has been around long enough to deserve some spiffing up. I know I'd go more if I could get a hot shower and the floors were cleaner and drier.

    • BostonBartender
      BostonBartender Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Nice place to be your true self
      This is a very clean and professionally run club. It is amazing that it is in an industrial area of Providence yet when you scan the license plates of cars parked you see not only Rhode Island, but Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and even on the rare occasion New York Maine, and Vermont. Very low key place - and very clean.

    • numonex
      numonex Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Seemed ok to me
      Not sure what all the complaining is about.. After reading all the negative reviews I was expecting cum to be dripping from the walls and human poo on the floor!! I went with my BF and to my surprise I found the place very clean and everything was working fine. Took a shower and checked out the steam room, which was far from broken.. So much steam there I couldnt see a thing which was fun for playing. The sauna was pitch black tho, maybe intentionally.. We found ourselves playing around on the sex swing and it didnt take long for a crowd to gather.. All in all a solid 4 stars!!

    • subhomo
      subhomo Over a year ago
      Loves it

      love this place
      i love this place lots of guys i suck 11 guys and bottomed for 8 i even got it in a sex swing this place will make you feel horny as hell alot of cum in me when i left this place is 5 stars *****

    • Cowboy23
      Cowboy23 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      I have visited many bathhouses in the USA and around the world, and have never felt so dirty or unhappy in my life. I guess if you're into rude management and rude employees I guess its alright but it seems the place has never had an work done on it. There were holes in the room I rented like someone had kicked it or punched a hole. And the visitors were all old fat men. it seems like there is no campaigning of the bathhouse. And when I brought my concerns to the manager he was extremely rude and queenish acting. i would definitely not recommend it.

    • veryhotass4u
      veryhotass4u Over a year ago
      Loves it

      beeen there done that
      hoping to find more hung tops there some night and get 6 in a room and have gang bang look for me if ya see me you will know its me

    • Blucollarguy
      Blucollarguy Over a year ago
      Hates it

      I don't recommend this place
      I've been to many similar places all over the country and the world...I found Megaplex to be dirty, expensive, uncomfortable and poorly managed. If you're into sleazy dirty, run-down places where there is no reinvestment in the club or maintenance then go. They flip flopped on the rates at the door even though their prices are posted on Facebook and tried to charge me $10.00 more. There is no website for good reason...they don't want you to see what the place looks like. My room had a dirty floor when I walked in. All they seem to do is throw on new sheets when rooms are vacated. It was not worth $35.00 which is what I paid to get into this awful place.

    • Rides123
      Rides123 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Friday night
      Came to visit on Friday night, and to my surprise there have been some nice additions to the megaplex. A more spacious gloryhole room, the other was a bit cramped, a big screen tv added in the porn room, and a dungeon room. Not really my style, but for those who are into that, it would sure make for a fun time. -!: And too top of my trip here, I had at least a 10 inch black cock to suck, the biggest dick I've ever seen. Made my night, also it's being increased to an 8 hr stay, just check pricing when you visit. Enjoy!

    • tazboy6969
      tazboy6969 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Falling Apart
      I visited MP on a sunday night two weeks ago with decent expectations as the times I stopped in last year were damn hot. It was bear night which really isnt my thing but had nothing else going on so drove 45 min from where I was staying. On checkin, the first news I get is the video system is out. I grab my towel, head in and find my room to strip down. A hot guy was behind me coming in so I had decent hopes. Changed into my towel planning on a shower n steam and hopefully start the night off. Good news is the hot young guy was there showering. Lots of bad news..He was a dancer from next door cleaning up I found out after and he rushed right out after a fat old guy started leering at him. Too bad, he was hot and hung... Next I look over and find the steam room is broken..great. So after toweling off I start to cruise and all that i find are old, creepy one even close to marginal. I wandered around to see if I can find the young guy I hung out for about two hours and nothing changed. Maybe 5 people total in the place...the old guys were huddled in sauna waiting to pounce, the floors were sticky and gross..the videos playing were lame...and they recent raised member and non member prices.. My previous visit last august was hot , but looks like things canged or was a bad night. Last time , lots of hung, hot guys, plenty of BBC which I like and played for hours. Only bummer was my car was broken into in back lot and my phone was stolen. Dont leave anything out in plain view or you could be next and avoid the back lot if possible. Guess I have to try CBC when I'm back in area in a couple of weeks...too bad. Always had fun at MP...If they dont start fixing and cleaning up the place, no one will cum except the deperate and gross.

    • sam.mccaffrey1
      sam.mccaffrey1 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Another dying house of sin.
      (Note: This review is not about the clientele or the action I may or may not have had in this place but of the facility itself.) Upon entry to the facility I found the front area to be very self explanatory and standard for this type of facility. The clerk was relatively friendly with me and the check in process was simple. The first area in the place I quite enjoyed as a public sitting room with comfy couches and coffee and a great atmosphere. If this front room was consistent with the rest of the facility I would give this place a 4 star review. That being said after being at several bath houses in other cities there are certain things I expect which were not to be found here. 1. The door to my room doesn't auto lock upon closing. Fortunately I caught on to this fact early that if I wanted my room to be locked I had to turn the key to the locked position. In most Bathhouses usually the room auto locks when you shut the door. 2. Lighting. There is a difference between dark and insufficiently lit. There were spots in the facility where I pretty much couldn't see where I was going or what was around me. Some really soft lighting would help this place immensely. 3. Porn and Porn room. The Porn viewing room was lacking in a decent amount of seating and the porn playing was possibly older than I was. The glory hole booths next to the porn room felt like they were there as an afterthought and not very well thought out. 4. Lack of amenities (currently) The Steam room is currently not functioning, there are doors that state "Tubs" or "Showers" but they do not appear to be in use either. Very disappointing as these are what separate a bathhouse from a sex club in my opinion. Finally, I am sure that when this place was built there was a lot more going on with it that it had the money to keep amenities running etc, but like most bathhouses it's dying out slowly, it's a shame but there you go. Perhaps if they get an upsurge of guests inside their walls they can restore this place to a semblance of what it must have been in it's heyday. As is now it's just another sad bathhouse who has fallen on hard times. (Or they may not care, which is also possible)

    • dave4012005
      dave4012005 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Mega-plex 6/22/12
      This was my first time at the Mega-plex. I arrived at about 3:30 and on a Friday afternoon and found that there were a few other guys there. I didn't stay long but I didn't have to. A brief time in the dry sauna and I was satisfied. I'd like to go back at a more popular time. I agree with those who comment on the condition. It could use some help but overall, I'd go back.