The Stable

96% love it
Metropolitan bar
The Stable is Providence's newest addition to gay nightlife, featuring premier cocktails, friendly bartenders, billiards, and the occasional independent live music show. The Stable's cool, relaxing metropolitan-style setting is the perfect way to start, finish, or spend your night out in downtown Providence!


    • xseaniex
      xseaniex Over a year ago
      Loves it

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    • CBCProvidence
      CBCProvidence Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Beautiful Club with an amazing staff!
      Still feel like keeping the party going after The Stable lets out for the night? Club Body Center is a local bathhouse which seems to be the night life after hours place. Keep the party going boys! Discounts given if bar stamp/band is shown at check in. 257 Weybosset Street, Providence, RI

    • Silverback
      Silverback Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Decent watering hole but not as macho as the name implies
      The Stable is nice enough but it's bright, sparkly, throbbing with autotuned Top 40 music videos, and completely FLAMING. Not a good choice if you're masculine or prefer men who don't giggle. A friend told me he liked the crowd because they're a bit older (40-ish), but all I saw were 20-somethings and a few 30-somethings trying to pass as younger. Patrons are reasonably friendly but the chit-chat will be pretty light-weight. Well, most of the chit-chat. The guy sitting next to me discretely asked the owner/bartender a question and the owner/bartender LOUDLY answered, describing his problem with colon polyps, and the colon surgery, and the colon healing process, and his concerns about long-term colon function, and his prior history with colon problems. For 5 minutes non-stop. Later the owner/bartender refreshed my glass of water and commented that water was what started his colon problems, he ate a salad washed in local water in Cancun, and at first he thought his colon problems were just indigestion...

    • Buttery93
      Buttery93 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Fun place
      Great bar, friendly bartenders, reasonably priced drinks, good music. Lively and outgoing friendly crowd.

    • Simply the best, the state has to offer
      Great staff, and patrons

    • rockyblue
      rockyblue Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Good energy, friendly, and strong drinks! Need I say more. This is a great bar. Lots of video screens and music videos on the big screen. Fun and relaxing place to be. Highly recommended.

    • mike glad you are doing great!
      stabkle is awesome bc of you...

    • musicman013
      musicman013 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      busy video bar
      This place was busy, even on a Thursday. Lots of video screens, cute guys- what else could u need? lol I would go back anytime.

    • 1outta4
      1outta4 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Great Sangria!
      The Stable seems like THE place to go if you're gay in Providence... even when you drink or party elsewhere, you always seem to end up there! Great "Hell's Kitchen" feel, talkative crowd, and good drinks make for a great hangout any time of night. Like most places in Providence, there's no sign outside with the name of the place or even a tiny rainbow flag, so it's a little hard to spot... look for the door on Washington St. right next to "Local 121."

    • Great renovation
      I'm not a local buy i was told by a local how run down and gross this place used to be. Its great now!! Very nyc-ish feel without the prices or attitude. Friendly staff and strong drinks. Check it out!

    • BobbyJoe
      BobbyJoe Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Video bar with a touch of class
      An up-scale club with reasonable prices. Lots of video screens. Friendly mixed crowd. Brand spankin' new and very clean. Smoking patio in the back.